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Every Thing ¬boxset (2013)

by Mlada Fronta

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10CD Mlada Fronta career restrospective boxset

Disc 1
Contrast 2005-2011 "unreleased & rare tracks"
Bonus (mac/pc) :
5MeC→ T (2013) AAC 320kbps
landing (2013) AAC 320kbps
le cycle du soleil ¬EP (2005) AAC 320kbps
oxydes remixes (2002) AAAC 320kbps
fe2O3 remixes (2001) AAC 320kbps)

Disc 2
Contrast 1998-2004 "unreleased & rare tracks"
Bonus (mac/pc) :
mutations (2013) AAC 320kbps
high tension remixes (1999) AAC 320kbps
illusory time (1994) AAC 320kbps
my visions (1993) AAC 320kbps

Disc 3
Le cycle du soleil
Bonus (mac/pc) :
every thing ¬box set artworks
contrast 2005-2011 artworks
contrast 1998-2004 artworks
le cycle du soleil artworks
le cycle du soleil ¬ep artworks
fe2o3 artworks

Disc 4
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes artworks
high tension artworks
revolution artworks
tribal apocalyptic trance artworks

Disc 5
Bonus (mac/pc) :
oxydes artworks
illusory time artworks
my visions artworks

Disc 6
Bonus (mac/pc) :
photos (live shows/flyers)

Disc 7
Bonus (mac/pc) :
Au 197.0 ¬video
decibelio festival 2006 ¬live video

Disc 8
High tension
Bonus (mac/pc) :
f8,1-1/171 ¬video
maschinenfest 2004 ¬ live video

Disc 9
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes 01-CO2 ¬video
dioxydes 02-H2O2 ¬video
dioxydes 03-PbO2 ¬video
dioxydes 04-Li2O2 ¬video
dioxydes 05-MnO2¬video
dioxydes 06-NO2 ¬video
dioxydes 07-RuO2 ¬video
dioxydes 08-SnO2 ¬video
dioxydes 09-TiO2 ¬video

Disc 10
Tribal Apocalyptic Trance
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes 10-UO2 ¬video
dioxydes 11-RhO2 ¬video
dioxydes 12-OSO2¬video
dioxydes 13-end title ¬video
le cycle du soleil (end title) ¬video


released September 3, 2013

sound design + programming > remy.pelleschi
all tracks composed + produced > remy.pelleschi except my visions | illusory time | tribal apocalyptic trance > composed + produced > gilles saïssi & rémy pelleschi
recorded + mixed 1997 ¬ 2013 >
tribal apocalyptic trance | recorded + mixed ¬ 1995 > tribal studio
illusory time | recorded + mixed ¬ 1993 > studio miraval
my visions | recorded + mixed ¬ 1993 africa brass studio
mastered >
photos > stella
graphic design > mlada fronta

special thanks to the following bands for the remixes :
dither | orphx | savak | tarmvred | gom | kaltesglas | zonk't | xIngu hill | converter | milligramme | mimetic | data raper | nkvd | uncotones | takshaka | jailbird |
thanks to pierre magnol | xavier ameller | decibelio | for the videos
thanks to the photographers : stephane burlot | jeckel | kyronn | bernard bastien | daniel halber | gandy_EA | G.G |
thanks to jacek kozlowski for his great support

Copyright 2013 Artoffact Records ¬AOF143
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Mlada Fronta Cannes, France

Mlada Fronta is a french electronic music group formed in Cannes in 1992.
Electro - Techno - Synthwave new tracks are part of the latest "Polygon" (2014) album, all the experimental and industrial side is removed to give way at a more electronic sounding to be in line with the new musical inspiration of Mlada Fronta. ... more


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